The aim of the Bequal.app project is to support educational institutions and companies providing work-based learning in their attempt to develop quality assurance in work-based learning.

The value of different forms of work-based learning for students, such as internships, apprenticeships and traineeships, has been recognised Europe-wide and is among the policy priorities of European Commission and Member States. In July 2013 the European Alliance for apprenticeships (EAfA) was launched as a joint initiative by DG Education, Youth, Sport, Culture and DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EC website), as an umbrella network for a broad variety of initiatives that stakeholders can undertake to improve the quality, supply and image of apprenticeship across the EU.

The new European Social Partners joint proposal “Towards a Shared Vision of Apprenticeships” (May 2016) aiming at creating a European quality framework for apprenticeships shared by employers, trade unions and Member States will foster the Alliance.

The goals of the project are

  • To develop a quality assurance framework for work-based learning addressing educational institutions and companies.
  • To develop two self-assessment questionnaires for quality assurance in work-based learning for educational institutions and companies respectively.
  • To develop an online platform on quality assurance in work-based learning with various resources, documents, links, articles, videos.
  • To develop two online benchmarking tools for quality assurance in work-based learning, one addressed to educational institutions and one addressed to companies.
  • To establish the Bequal.app badge for educational institutions and companies, recognising their engagement to develop quality assurance in work-based learning in their country as well as in Europe.