Benchmarking for Quality Assurance in Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning

Online benchmarking tools for quality assurance in work-based learning:
- one addressing Educational institutions and
- one addressing Companies

Using the benchmarking tools, users will be able to compare their performance to that of similar organisations in the same country or other European countries, learn from each other and engage in promoting quality in work-based learning.

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Work-based learning and the significance of soft skills’ development

Work-based learning has proved to be of great importance for students globally, offering a real connection between education and the professional world. It comes as an answer to the severe issue of employability and provides the familiarisation of students to a working setting. In our rapidly changing society young people often find themselves unprepared not only to adjust in a professional environment, but also choose the right path for them.

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Croatia: virtual VET promotes #stayathome education

Distance learning to slow down the spread of Covid-19

From 16 March 2020, Croatian learners at all levels of education, including VET and adult education, are being taught in virtual classes in their homes, as per government decision and guidelines from the Ministry of Science and Education. Three weeks after the first registered case of the Covid-19 virus in Croatia, and upon the declaration of a national epidemic, the education community in Croatia organised virtual teaching in only five days.

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Work Based Learning during the pandemic is the new challenge

The unexpected event of the pandemic, that took the world by surprise might prove to be the landmark of a new era regarding working conditions, teleworking and the importance of safety and health guidelines in the working environment. Obviously, companies and employees all over the globe faced the consequences of Covid-19, and gradually adjusted to these newly discovered circumstances. The hit on the economy has been extremely severe, and for a long period of time, the world was, and still is in a way, in total shock. From health to psychological and financial level, everyone suffered in various degrees and tried to find ways to bounce back and achieve a sense of normality.

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