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The Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education (ASOO) is a public institution, founded in June 2010 by the Government of the Republic of Croatia. It is a key stakeholder in the field of VET and Adult Education in Croatia. It is in charge for planning, developing, organising, implementing, monitoring and improvement of vocational education and adult education. Accordingly, the Agency is responsible for teacher training in vocational education and adult education, VET qualifications and curricula development, student skills competitions, self-evaluation and external evaluation. In addition, the Agency serves as an intermediary body for ESF and works in preparing and implementing programs and projects financed or co-financed from EU funds and other international funds. It conducts training and professional development of employees in the field of vocational education and adult education, as well as continuously working on quality assurance and improvement in the system of vocational education and adult education. The Agency cooperates with all relevant stakeholders in VET and AE in Croatia.

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